IBM Diamondback Tape Library Announcement

IBM recently announced that the product family of data resilience solutions has added new members. Its latest IBM Diamondback tape library is a high-density archival storage solution with physical air gap isolation, which can help protect against ransomware and other cyber threats in hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Diamondback is suitable for organizations that need to securely store hundreds of petabytes of massive data, including traditional enterprises as well as "new wave" large Internet enterprises, especially global enterprises that aggregate massive customer data. IBM Diamondback provides long-term storage with a significantly smaller carbon footprint and lower total cost of ownership than flash or hard disk storage.

According to the official introduction, IBM Diamondback is designed to provide the following three advantages:

Sustainability: Compared to hard disk-based storage systems, IBM tape library systems are designed to significantly reduce power and cooling requirements, thereby lowering the carbon footprint, because tapes sit idle in the automated library without power until they are accessed. And the long-term durability of tape allows data to be stored for up to 30 years.

Ransomware Protection and Cyber ​​Resilience: Organizations around the world are under pressure to strengthen their defenses against malware and data breaches. Tape provides physical air-gap isolation for increased resiliency against threats.

Data capacity and storage costs: The cost of an IBM tape storage system is about a quarter of the total cost of a public cloud archiving service based on a hard disk storage system, providing a significant cost advantage.

IBM Diamondback provides cost-effective archival storage solutions for the massive capacity needs of the ZB (Zettabyte) era to support the needs of vertical markets such as big data, analysis, cloud storage services, the Internet of Things, healthcare, and life sciences. These fields and organizations often generate a large amount of high-value unstructured data, most of which are stored as archives for future reference, and can usually benefit from active archiving with high-capacity, low-cost tape systems.

IBM also recently announced the integration of Red Hat storage into IBM storage to provide customers with a consistent experience from the edge to the core to the cloud; in addition, IBM has recently released a series of products to improve the network resilience of enterprise data centers, including IBM Spectrum Sentinel for SAP HANA and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Online Services for Salesforce; and the extended IBM Spectrum Archive to support direct access to files and directories stored on tape.

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