Innodisk Launches a New FPGA Platform

Innodisk International announced the expansion of Innodisk AI layout, launching a new FPGA (Field Programmable Logic Gate Array) platform, targeting AI machine vision applications, with low latency, low power consumption, and high development flexibility features.

According to the official, the Innodisk FPGA platform adopts the technology giant AMD XILINX KRIA K26 system module, which can not only accelerate AI algorithms but also has low latency and low power consumption. It is a powerful tool for enterprises to introduce AI edge computing and realize machine vision applications. Not only does it support the standard temperature of 0° to 70°C, but it can also be further upgraded to the industrial-wide temperature standard according to the application requirements, and can maintain stable operation in the harsh environment of -40° to 85°C.

Innodisk International said that in addition to its own development and algorithm advantages, the new FPGA platform can also expand and combine InnoAgent on the hardware side to realize remote out-of-band management of edge devices, and can achieve a high degree of integration on the software side through iCAP, iVIT and other tools A one-stop solution (turnkey solution).

Innodisk has also launched the iVIT Software Development Kit (SDK). It is expected that with its low-threshold no-coding environment, it can shorten the learning time by 50% compared with the traditional development process, and can support various heterogeneous platforms to improve the flexibility and compatibility of AI application integration.

Innodisk's new FPGA platform will target application fields such as smart cities and smart factories, and improve the overall algorithm performance for terminal applications such as AI machine vision, defect detection, and object recognition.

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