Intel NUC 13 Raptor Canyon price exposure

The price of Intel's new-generation NUC Raptor Canyon mini-host is suspected to be exposed. According to the price information found by the whistleblower @momomo_us on the  Simply NUC website:

  • The NUC Raptor Canyon with the 13th-generation i7-13700K starts at $1,699.
  • The NUC Raptor Canyon with the 13th generation i9-13900K starts at $1,999.

Te strange thing is that the configuration of this page can only choose DDR4 memory, there is no DDR5 memory option, and the graphics card can choose RTX 3060, RTX 3070, or RTX 3080, so the information may only be a placeholder, and the exact price and configuration still need to wait for the official announcement.

Intel showed the internal design of the NUC 13 Raptor Canyon at a live event. The graphics card will support a larger 3-slot thick model, and the volume will reach 13.9L, while the previous generation of Dragon Canyon has a volume of 8L.

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