Intel Ruixuan graphics card relies on Intel ME environment

Recently, a group of netizens discussed the problem of the Intel Ruixuan Arc graphics card. For example, the open-source Linux driver developed by Intel for Arc Graphics cannot run on POWER, and then someone threw another very interesting. The problem.

Richard Hughes, the lead developer of LVFS/Fwupd, pointed out that updating GSC firmware for Arc graphics cards currently requires the Intel Management Engine (ME) feature, which is equivalent to limiting the runtime environment, and you must be on Intel CPU-based platforms to update graphics card firmware.

At least for now, Intel can only support updating their Graphics System Controller (GSC) firmware via Intel ME. Therefore, older Intel systems without HECI-over-MEI or non-Intel systems like AMD or AArch64/POWER/RISC-V systems are only plug-and-play and cannot be updated.

Intel’s follow-up response said that the AMD platform will also support firmware updates in the future, but considering the statements such as Fwupd and the firmware update plug-ins written by Intel, we don’t have more details yet.


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