Intel Ruixuan independent display department ushered in a female head

Former ASUS executive Vivian Lien announced that she has joined Intel's Visual Computing Division, and the Ruixuan Independent Graphics Division ushered in a female head. Vivian Lien previously served as the vice president of Alienware and Dell Gaming. She had worked for ASUS for a long time and was the head of ASUS's global game marketing business, so she has a certain reputation in the industry.

Lien's goal is to help expand Intel's sharp discrete graphics business, Lien said in her LinkedIn post that she had been working at Intel for a week when the announcement was made. 

Lien stated that I can't wait to build the Intel Sharp Graphics business and promised, more (things/goals) to come.

There seems to be another important reason for Lien's high-profile statement of joining Intel. In the summer of this year, rumors arose that Intel would end the sharp graphics business, and Intel executives quickly denied plans to close or scale back the development of sharp graphics cards. And Lien's joining is another counterattack to the rumors of ending Ruixuan's business.

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