Intel's 13th-generation Core HX high-end laptop processor exposed

The whistleblower @OneRaichu released the specifications of Intel's 13th-generation Core Raptor Lake mobile version, including the -HX series, such as Intel's first 24-core mobile CPU Core i9-13900HX, and the 12th-generation Core i9-13900HX. Generation Core flagship 12950HX i7-13700HX with the same configuration.

Judging from these data, most of Intel's 13th-generation Core high-end mobile processors have a good increase, at least in terms of frequency, but some models will also be equipped with more cores.

He also revealed the specifications of the never-before-seen Core i7-13650HX (14-core), i5-13500HX (14-core) and i5-13450HX (10-core) models:

  • i9-12950HX → i9-13900HX: 8 new E cores added, 400 MHz increase
  • i7-12850HX → i7-13700HX: 200 MHz increase
  • i7-12650HX → i7-13650HX: 200 MHz increase
  • i5-12600HX → i5-13500HX: 2 new performance cores added, 100 MHz increase
  • i5-12450HX → i5-13450HX: 2 new performance cores, 200 MHz increase

Some models will also support faster DDR5-5600 memory, while also retaining compatibility with DDR4-3200. Unfortunately, there is no word on PBP (Processor Base Power) or MTP (Maximum Boost Power). But we can assume that it should be the same as the 12th generation Core-HX series, 55W and 157W respectively, and there should be some surprises.

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