Investment bank expects iPhone 14 Pro/Max to produce 43 million units in Apple's first fiscal quarter

After analysts tracking reports showed that the production of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max was lower than demand, resulting in extended delivery times, Apple has also issued a document on its official website, revealing the production of major foundries. Affected, production has been significantly reduced, and users will experience longer wait times to receive their new products.

Major foundries have been affected, and production has been greatly reduced. Whether it will affect the overall production of the two high-end iPhone 14s has also attracted attention, especially whether it will affect the production before the holiday shopping season, which will affect sales.

For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, some investment banks predict in the report that in the fiscal quarter ending in December, which is Apple's first fiscal quarter of fiscal 2023, it will produce 43 million units.

As far as the expectations given by investment banks are concerned, among the iPhones produced in the first quarter of Apple's fiscal year 2023, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with obvious upgrades and higher demand will account for more than half. It produced 85 million iPhones in the first quarter.

Of course, some analysts also predict that Apple's iPhone production will not exceed 80 million units in this fiscal quarter, which is expected to be 78.5 million units, but 4 million units will be transferred to next year's production, pushing the output in the following fiscal quarter to 56.5 million.

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