Japan's Toyota, Sony and other giant companies jointly established a high-end chip company Rapidus

According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), eight companies including Toyota Motor, Sony, NTT, NEC, Softbank, KIOXIA, and others companies have jointly established a high-end chip company named Rapidus.

Rapidus comes from Latin, which means fast. Rapidus mainly aims at the mass production of advanced semiconductors below 2 nanometers that have not yet been practically used in the world.

The new company will develop high-end chips related to artificial intelligence and smart city construction and plans to form mass production in 2027.

Each company will invest about 1 billion yen (about 6.8 million US dollars) into the new company, and the Japanese government will also support the project through subsidies and other methods, and the new company will further attract investment from other companies. and cooperation.

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