Jiang Shangyi joined Hon Hai as the semiconductor strategy chief

Hon Hai Technology Group announced today that Dr. Jiang Shangyi will be recruited as the chief semiconductor strategy officer of the group from now on, and will be directly responsible to Chairman Liu Yangwei. Drawing on Dr. Jiang Shangyi's rich experience in the semiconductor industry, he will provide Hon Hai Technology Group with a global semiconductor deployment strategy and technical guidance in the future.

Hon Hai Technology Group stated that since Dr. Jiang Shangyi returned to Taiwan in 1997, he has been one of the most important technology promoters in the development of semiconductors in Taiwan from the micron generation to the nanometer generation. At the beginning of this century, the technical team he led laid the foundation for Taiwan's technological leadership in the technology industry, and he was hailed as a key figure in Taiwan's ability to maintain the competitive advantage of semiconductors.

Liu Yangwei, chairman of Hon Hai Technology Group, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Jiang Shangyi for his recognition of Hon Hai's layout and operating capabilities in the semiconductor industry. During the critical period when the group is fully developing the semiconductor industry, he is willing to join Hon Hai and contribute to the group's semiconductor development. It is believed that Dr. Jiang's joining will definitely make outstanding contributions to Hon Hai's global layout strategy and technological development.

Dr. Jiang Shangyi graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of "National Taiwan University" in 1968, obtained a master's degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University in the United States in 1970, and received a doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1974. Jiang Shangyi successively joined the International Telephone and Telegraph Company (ITT), Texas Instruments (TI), Hewlett-Packard (HP), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), and other enterprises.

Dr. Jiang Shangyi also joined SMIC and announced his resignation in November 2021 as the vice chairman, executive director and member of the strategy committee of the board of directors of SMIC. SMIC announced at the time that "Dr. Jiang Shangyi wanted to spend more time with his family."

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