Kefu launches a new generation of desktop/notebook DDR5-5600 memory modules

Kefu today launched a new generation of DDR5 U-DIMM / SO-DIMM 5600 high-performance common strip. Officially, this series of memory is not only compatible with Intel's 13th generation Raptor Lake processors and Z790 platform, but also compatible with AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors.

Kefu DDR5 new generation U-DIMM / SO-DIMM memory modules are imported from South Korea, and SK Hynix particles are strictly selected. This series of DDR5 high-frequency U-DIMM / SO-DIMM general strips comply with the high standards of JEDEC, an international electronics technology association, and have passed the QVL test of the motherboard factory, and are perfectly compatible with mainstream platforms on the market. In addition, the built-in low-power onboard power management chip can bring more accurate voltage control, thereby reducing the overall power consumption and heat generation of the memory, making its operating voltage only 1.1V.

Kefu DDR5 new generation U-DIMM / SO-DIMM has an ultra-high frequency of 5600MT / s and provides two capacity solutions of 32GB capacity (16GB×2) dual-channel set and 16GB single-channel set . At present, the official price of this series of memory has not been announced.

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