Keychron V6 mechanical keyboard release

Keychron released the new V6 mechanical keyboard today, with a 108-key layout, supports hot-swapping and key change, and the price starts at 358 yuan. The V6 mechanical keyboard uses a black shell with black keycaps and low-saturation blue keycaps, and the two red keycaps embellished make the keyboard a bit more vibrant. The keyboard adopts a keyboard design with separated keylines. The upper left corner is a Type-C interface and a dual-system switching key. The feet can be adjusted in 3 angles.

Switches: This keyboard uses K Pro switches, the size of which is the standard MX switch, and there are three switches for users to choose from K Pro red switch/brown switch/green switch. For a more comfortable feel, a noise-reducing cotton interlayer is placed between the PCB and the positioning board, and a silicone pad is placed at the bottom. The keycap adopts OSA PBT two-color injection molded non-transparent keycap, and the surface is lightly frosted.

Functions: The custom functions of the V6 keyboard include hot swap, QMK / VIA key change, and self-assembly functions. The QMK / VIA key changing system not only supports V6 full-key independent open-source programming but also can change the function area and combine shortcut keys through software operation. The shaft hole supports common tripod shafts and five-pod shafts on the market.

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