Kingsoft Office accelerates its access to the HarmonyOS ecosystem of HarmonyOS

At the 4th Huawei Developer Conference (HDC 2022), Kingsoft Office and Huawei signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. In the future, they will further rely on the software and hardware capabilities of both parties to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of Hongmeng ecology. to explore more full-scene collaborative office solutions.

In the future, Huawei will provide a full life cycle service platform and development kits to help Kingsoft Office with low cost and low threshold, and quickly access the Hongmeng ecosystem. Based on the openness and innovation of the Hongmeng system, Kingsoft Office will further strengthen and improve product capabilities, gradually adapt WPS and other products to Huawei 1+8+N equipment, and connect to the open services of 1+8+N equipment, providing the Hongmeng end users provide good office services.

Since 2019, the WPS R&D team has been adapting along with the evolution of the Harmony OS. It was initially a preview service model. By 2021, Kingsoft Office will launch the WPS Hongmeng version, and develop atomized service cards based on HarmonyOS 2.0 to realize circulation, Productivity, and efficiency improvement functions such as connection, small screen control large screen, etc. This year, Kingsoft Office developed a new WPS mobile version based on the next-generation Hongmeng system.

As early as 2018, Huawei proposed the "1+8+N" smart full-scenario strategy and product layout, and initially formed eight smart terminals with mobile phones as the core, including PCs, tablets, TVs, audio, glasses, watches, car phones, and headphones Inside the "1+8+N" three-layer structure.

Since 2018, Kingsoft Office has promoted business transformation around multi-screen, cloud, content, AI, and collaboration, among which multi-screen emphasizes opening up various devices so that WPS can run on each device.

For different office scenarios, WPS has covered mobile phones, pads, folding screens, ink screens, smart TVs and other screen terminals; for different operating systems, WPS has been fully adapted to Windows, Android, iOS, HarmonyOS , Linux, macOS and other mainstream operating systems. Up to now, the monthly active devices of WPS Office mobile terminal and PC terminal have reached 336 million and 238 million respectively .

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