Lebi E7 flagship audio player warm-up

Jinglu Lebi recently announced the new flagship E7 of the Lebi E series, which belongs to the new sound state DAP (Digital Audio Player). Lebi said that the E series represents luxury and high-end positioning and can be replaced.

Lebi said that the materials and design concept of the E7 machine still implement Lebi's concept of "uncompromising and exploring the limit", and incorporate a number of independent and self-developed technologies. Starting from the 7 series, new gameplay, a new system, and new multi-core MCU will be added.

The E7 also supports removable audio modules, and has the largest analog area in the portable range, without any "space-occupied" headphone jacks. The 4497 ​​module is the first model, and more abundant, higher-end, and more distinctive modules will be launched in the future to meet the different needs of various earphone enthusiasts. For a long time, the E7 will be the flagship of the E series.

What is the harmonic tuning of the E7?

Lebi said that this is an unexpected gain in research and development, innovatively adding harmonic tuning options, and trying to "add a layer of tuning" on the basis of the original sound base. Of course, the default tuning is also retained, which can not only ensure the performance of the whole machine but also have new ways to play, which can meet the different listening preferences of different audiophiles.

Lebi said that for more detailed technical explanations on harmonic tuning and other highlights of E7, please pay attention to the follow-up updates.

Jingshe Lebi belongs to Shenzhen Lebi Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., which was established in 2014. Some R&D personnel come from the original Colorful Digital Department team and are committed to R&D, design, and production of HiFi audio products, such as players.

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