Lenovo ThinkPad 30th Anniversary Backpack released

ThinkPad launched the 30th-anniversary commemorative shoulder bag on Lenovo's official website, priced at 699 yuan + 600 Lenovo mall beans. The ThinkPad 30th Anniversary Special Edition Backpack carries not only the aesthetic concept of simplicity but also the inheritance of the craftsman spirit of the times. There is a colorful ThinkPad logo engraved in the classic RGB three primary colors on the front, the 30th Anniversary Edition logo on the left side, and the ThinkPad brand logo engraved on the zipper.

The ThinkPad 30th Anniversary Special Edition backpack is made of double-strand nylon, which is officially said to be better in wear resistance and water resistance. In other respects, this backpack adopts an 18L space design and can accommodate a 16-inch notebook. Built-in notebook exclusive compartment, the four corners are made of EUDEFOAM impact-resistant polymer material, 360° around the computer. The main compartment is made of plaid lining fabric that combines wrinkle resistance, firmness, and heat resistance.

The ThinkPad 30th Anniversary Special Edition backpack is also on Jingdong, priced at 799 yuan.

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