Lexar launched the Time Machine T3 personal cloud

Lexar has now launched a network storage server/personal cloud/home private cloud disk named T3 Time Machine which is now officially on sale starting at 549 yuan. This product runs a Linux system, is equipped with a quad-core processor using Arm Cortex-A53 architecture, is equipped with 1GB DDR4 memory and 8GB eMMC storage, and supports 8TB 3.5-inch mechanical hard disk by default, if it is larger than 8TB You need to use a power supply above 15V3A for power supply.

Interface: This product supports the USB 3.2 Gen1 protocol, up to 5Gbps, a built-in SD card slot, and is also equipped with a 100/1000Mbps adaptive network port, which can achieve the ultra-high performance of N+1 bays, and also supports multiple accounts use simultaneously.

Other aspects: The machine integrates the official Xunlei authorized plug-in, which can remotely download all kinds of resources you like, and integrates the video transcoding plug-in, which can transcode Blu-ray HD movies in real time and watch smoothly.

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