Li Auto will launch Apple's Magsafe wireless charging panel

Ideal announced that it will launch a MagSafe wireless charging panel for Ideal L9, L8, and L7 on November 16th. The first release only has a single-sided panel, supports magnetic charging connection technology, and the power can reach up to 15W.

In the follow-up, Ideal will also launch a double-sided MagSafe wireless charging panel on January 25 next year, which can charge iPhone and Android phones at the same time. In addition, Ideal will also launch an air-cooled wireless charging panel that only supports Android phones, with a peak value of 50W, and is compatible with Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO wireless fast charging.

It is still unclear whether these three wireless charging panels are only available for purchase by ideal users, and whether other models can also be purchased. 

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