Lian Li releases LANCOOL 216 chassis

Lian Li today announced the launch of the LANCOOL 216 chassis, focusing on airflow design. The LANCOOL 216 comes pre-installed with two 160mm and one 140mm PWM fan, providing excellent out-of-the-box performance. To help balance chassis airflow and provide better GPU cooling, the Lancool 216 includes an external PCIe fan bracket that allows 120mm fans to be mounted on the rear panel, as shown in the image below.

The LANCOOL 216 is available in a matte version in black + non-RGB fans and in black/white with addressable RGB fans.

This series of chassis is now available on Newegg, the black matte version is priced at $100, the black RGB version is priced at $110, and the white RGB version is priced at $115.

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