LONGi Green Energy's silicon solar cell efficiency reaches 26.81%

Recently, according to the latest certification report of the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) in Germany, the conversion efficiency of the silicon heterojunction solar cell independently developed by the Chinese solar technology company LONGi Green Energy reached 26.81%, breaking the dust-laden 5 A new record for silicon solar cell efficiency.

This is the latest world record since 2017, which was born five years later, and it is also the first time in the history of photovoltaics that a Chinese solar technology company has set a world record for the efficiency of silicon cells.

LONGi Green Energy said that the efficiency of solar cells is the beacon of photovoltaic technology, and the ultimate efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells determines and demonstrates the development potential of photovoltaic technology and the direction of industrial development. In just over a month, LONGi set new records for the efficiency of silicon solar cells with 26.74%, 26.78%, and 26.81% respectively.

Crystalline silicon solar cells have dominated photovoltaic technology since the 1960s, and are still making progress and development. Among them, Chinese photovoltaic companies including LONGi Green Energy have made continuous efforts to promote the development and progress of crystalline silicon solar cell technology, making the crystalline silicon solar cell technology route the most efficient and economical photovoltaic technology in the market.

Over the past ten years, LONGi Green Energy has driven industrial progress through scientific and technological innovation. RCZ technology, diamond wire cutting technology, PERC cell technology, and double-sided technology, it has driven a significant reduction in the cost of power generation in the photovoltaic industry. Entering the "terawatt era" of photovoltaics, LONGi Green Energy will focus on improving the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, further promote the technological innovation of the new generation of battery components, and promote the maximum efficiency utilization of clean energy in different application scenarios.

It is understood that LONGi Green Energy keeps track of advanced battery technologies such as TOPCon, HJT, and IBC. Since 2021, LONGi Green Energy has maintained global leadership in advanced battery technology and has broken the world record for battery conversion efficiency 12 consecutive times.

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