Lumi Aqara launched the new Cube controller T1 Pro that supports Alexa and Apple HomeKit

After the launch of the pet smart feeder, Lumi Aqara recently launched the T1 Pro, a Cube controller that supports HomeKit and Alexa. The new Cube controller is basically the same as the original but adds interactive recognition for actions such as pushing, shaking, rotating, and clicking.\

The upgraded version of T1 Pro also adds a Scene Mode, which can recognize different sides after enabling it, allowing you to control the scene more easily. This mode can support HomeKit, Alexa, and Matter through Aqara Hub.

Aqara Cube T1 Pro can control your HomeKit environment in a more intuitive way. For example, you can activate your morning routine by flipping to side 1 and a home theater scene by flipping to side 2.

You can now control multiple sets of curtains or roller blinds by rotating the new Aqara Cube in the Aqara Home app - for example, flip it to side 3 and rotate the cube to adjust the opening percentage of the curtains, or flip it over, Dim the Aqara light on side 4. The versatility of this controller enables a variety of different HomeKit and Aqara actions.

The new T1 Pro is currently on sale at Amazon.

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