Lumi Aqara released the first Yuba that supports Apple Home

Green Rice Aqara launched the world's first Yuba that supports Apple Home -  Aqara Smart Yuba T1. Aqara Smart Yuba T1 is equipped with 2800W PTC ceramic heating, dual DC variable frequency motors, equipped with self-developed variable frequency constant temperature algorithm, precise temperature control, and bid farewell to hot and cold.

Aqara Smart Yuba T1 is equipped with a 60° ~ 120° air-conditioning air deflector, and the heating outlet is 325mm wide. Aqara Smart Yuba T1 supports three-dimensional warm flow circulation, adopts a large-diameter high-speed wind wheel, and has various modes such as ventilation, dehumidification, and natural wind.

Lighting: Aqara Smart Yuba T1 supports 2700~6500K color temperature and brightness step-less adjustment, and the lighting power is 22W.

Aqara Smart Yuba T1 also claims to be the first smart Yuba connected to Apple Home, which supports the use of Apple devices to control the lighting and temperature of Yuba.

Aqara Smart Yuba T1 is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control with a screen, no wiring is required, and it can support 5 remote controls to be used at the same time.

The size of the Aqara Smart Yuba T1 is 33x58x9cm (host), and the official price has not yet been announced.

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