McDonald's is giving away gaming chairs with french fries

McDonald's UK is giving away a gaming chair to celebrate the launch of its new game-changing chicken burger, the McCrispy. The official video released by McDonald's shows that this gaming chair is designed with yellow and black racing elements, as well as a french fries holder, a warmer to keep McCrispy warm during the game, two dipping troughs, and the chair also uses anti-corrosion. dirty material.

It's unclear which partner McDonald's UK worked with to make the gaming chair, or whether the chair needs to be plugged in to keep the sandwich heater running.

But it's not the first time that fast-food restaurants have entered the game field. KFC and Cooler Master had previously built KFConsole, a PC based on Intel NUC computing elements, but this PC was delayed in 2020, Then it was not released again.

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