MediaTek CEO: This year's revenue is expected to reach 19 billion US dollars

MediaTek CEO Cai Lixing said today that this year's revenue is expected to reach 19 billion US dollars, and the revenue has doubled in the past 4 years, and the operating net profit will also increase by 4.5%. times. Among them, the mobile phone business has increased by 4 times in the past 4 years, which is the main driving force.

From the data estimated by Cai Lixing, MediaTek's revenue is expected to increase from US$8 billion (about 57.52 billion yuan) in 2019 to US$ 19 billion this year; In 2019, it increased from 700 million US dollars (about 5.033 billion yuan) to 4 billion US dollars.

Cai Lixing pointed out that MediaTek's mobile phone business has a complete solution from entry to the flagship, and the mobile phone business has grown by about four times in four years. The intelligent terminal device platform has a wide product line, and its business has grown by about 1.5 times in the past four years.

MediaTek will continue to invest in advanced system-on-chip (SOC) and computing technology development in the future to effectively balance super performance and intelligent power consumption, as well as key networking technologies such as 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, satellite, etc.

Looking forward to the future, Cai Lixing expects that the semiconductor industry will enter an era of multiple growths. By 2026, with the growth of new fields such as automotive electronics, data centers, and storage devices, a more balanced market will be seen. Each category contributes about 10% to 12%, the volatility is low, and the market becomes relatively stable.

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