MediaTek reiterates that it will enter the Windows on Arm PC market

MediaTek has reiterated its plan to enter the Windows on the Arm PC market and needs to invest further in CPU and GPU to meet the application's demand for higher performance. At an executive summit the company hosted, MediaTek executives said they see a $40 billion opportunity in the PC market, which MediaTek will join with the launch of its new Kompanio mobile processor. MediaTek also plans to offer built-in 5G wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, and display ICs for the laptop.

Vince Hu, vice president of MediaTek, said that MediaTek plans to move from the low power consumption field to the high power consumption field and apply some of the Arm technology it applies to smartphone chips (such as the Dimensity processor series) to PCs. He also mentioned the awareness that we have to support higher-performance applications, and we have to make some larger investments in terms of CPU and GPU as a foundational capability.

MediaTek announced in November 2021 that it will launch chips for the Windows on ARM market, but has not disclosed specific plans. Qualcomm's dominance in ARM-based Windows PCs has had a bumpy road. Qualcomm started with the Snapdragon 835, all the way to the Snapdragon 8cx and the entry-level Snapdragon 7c, but none of them brought big waves to the market. And it seems more likely that MediaTek will start by competing with the Snapdragon 7c, which has previously developed chips for Chromebooks.

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