Meiya Pico released the Huiju View Sharing Gateway

Meiya Pico announced the launch of a new generation of view aggregation and distribution equipment - Huiju View Sharing Gateway, which can transmit billions of data per day with a millisecond delay.

Huiju View Sharing Gateway is a video and image data aggregation and distribution equipment product used for view data (pictures, video clips), IoT perception data, and business-focused data. It has no data loss, real-time forwarding, and seamless expansion. and other advantages.

This product complies with the Public Security Video Image Information Application System (GA/T 1400) standard to organize data uniformly, supports docking with mainstream view libraries, cloud storage, and front-end sensing devices, and is applicable to various data subscription scenarios, solving data dispersion and multi-head docking problems.

Huiju View Sharing Gateway pioneered kernel-level transmission technology to achieve millisecond-level low latency. It independently developed an aggregation and distribution engine that aggregates and distributes hundreds of millions of data per day and supports 8-way full distribution. It can also balance the scheduling of security boundaries and quickly Cross-network transmission avoids the risk of a single point of failure, realizes real-time monitoring of data transmission, accurately identifies transmission anomalies, and automatically retransmits data.

Huiju view sharing gateway also supports automatic monitoring of data quality, real-time early warning of abnormal data, analysis of data dynamics and changing trends from multiple perspectives with rich charts, mining data value, and assisting management decision-making.

At present, Huiju View Sharing Gateway has been deployed in many places, which efficiently facilitates the intelligent sharing of various sensory data, promotes the intelligent construction and application of public security video images, and comprehensively boosts the overall efficiency and core combat effectiveness of public security work.

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