Memory chip manufacturers are facing new challenges

After entering the second half of the year, due to the increase in economic downturn worries, the demand for consumer electronics has declined, and the memory chip market has also been affected. Both demand and prices have declined. Memory chip manufacturers have also been affected, and their performance has been significantly affected. SK Hynix's revenue and net profit both fell year-on-year, with net profit falling by more than 60%.

Although the memory chip market as a whole is not optimistic, some research institutes said in the report that the demand in some areas of the memory chip market is still growing, and the demand for server DRAM is growing, and it is expected to surpass smartphones and tablet computers for the first time this year. and other mobile devices demand for DRAM.

However, there are reports that the demand for storage chips in servers is also expected to be affected next year. At that time, storage chip manufacturers will face new challenges and there will be greater pressure on performance.

Relevant media said in the report that due to the demand for storage from first-tier cloud server customers in North America, which has begun to decline since late in the third quarter, memory chip makers are expected to see orders slow down in the first quarter of next year.

As the demand for memory chips for consumer electronics decreases, if the memory chips required for servers begin to decrease in the first quarter of next year as expected by manufacturers, memory chip manufacturers will face greater challenges.

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