Meta Quest Pro high-end VR headset teardown

iFixit has dismantled Meta's new $1,500 high-end VR headset Quest Pro, and they concluded that it is "fascinating, basic equipment that cannot be repaired". iFixit first disassembled the battery, which is located on the back of the headset. It's a dual-cell 20.58Wh battery, and it's curved, which is very rare.

On the front of the headset, a teardown revealed that the shiny front panel wasn't glass, but some shiny plastic. After taking it off, you can see the components, cameras, and circuits on the front of the device, which looks cool, it would be nice to have a version with a transparent panel.

iFixit also found a small rectangular module in the middle of the Quest Pro, which appears to be the location of the depth sensor.

After unscrewing a lot of screws, iFixit finally found the lens (also plastic, not glass) and the motherboard with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 1 chip on it. iFixit also took apart the handle, which has its own camera, as well as a thumbstick, and a lithium-ion battery rated at 10.85Wh.

The internal structure of the Quest Pro is very delicate, and disassembly is also very troublesome. iFixit said in the video: "146 screws, countless cables, and sometimes a seemingly counter-intuitive design made this teardown the hardest we've done in a long time. And, aside from changing the battery, It also doesn't seem to be easy to fix."

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