Miaoyun joins the OpenCloudOS operating system open source community

According to OpenCloudOS, Chengdu Yuanlai Yunzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (Miaoyun) recently signed a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) to officially join the OpenCloudOS operating system open source community.

Miaoyun was established in 2019. It is a domestic company focusing on cloud-native intelligent operation and maintenance. It is headquartered in Chengdu and has R&D centers and marketing centers in Xi'an, Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing. Miaoyun products are positioned on the cloud-native integrated intelligent management and operation platform, which minimizes the operation and maintenance investment of enterprises in the cloud-native environment, allowing enterprises to focus more on the development and delivery of their own applications.

Miaoyun integration solves the problems of cloud-native environment device adaptation, multi-cluster, multi-cloud, etc., so that the branch environments of the enterprise can also be easily unified for operation and maintenance. In the era when the K8s ecosystem has become the normalization of enterprise cloud-native systems, it helps enterprises to manage in a unified manner, intelligently operate and maintain, quickly build a decentralized cloud-native system environment, and improve the unified management, ease of use, and observability of multiple cloud-native systems.

Miaoyun has been deeply customized for Chinese enterprises, fully adapting to the Xinchuang system, and supporting the mixed deployment scenarios of standard x86 (Intel / AMD) and domestic chips "one cloud and seven cores". It has been successfully applied to enterprises in many industries such as electric power, operators, finance, government, public security, industrial manufacturing, and education.

The OpenCloudOS operating system open source community is an operating system community project jointly initiated by the operating system, software and hardware manufacturers, and individuals. It provides an autonomous, controllable, safe, reliable, and high-performance next-generation cloud-native operating system. Let's build a neutral operating system open-source ecosystem together.

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