Microsoft launches new platform to help companies address supply chain disruptions

With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and severe weather, the supply chain that maintains the normal operation of enterprises is becoming increasingly tense. To help customers track and coordinate supply chain systems, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Supply Chain Center (Microsoft Supply Chain Center) on Monday. This solution integrates data from multiple projects, as well as tools from Oracle, SAP SE, and other partners.

Microsoft Supply Chain Center, currently available in Beta, is designed to provide customers with a central view of existing applications, and information from Microsoft and other suppliers. Supply and Demand Insights uses artificial intelligence to predict shortages and supply bottlenecks, while order management tools organize and automatically fill orders.

The center also integrates chat and conferencing software Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication between corporate personnel and external suppliers. The center includes facilities and services from partners such as CH Robinson Worldwide Inc. and FedEx Corporation.

Since 2020, supply chain issues across industries have resulted in billions of dollars lost. The platform accelerates the need to better track which parts are likely to be in short supply and when -- and how to plan around the challenge. Many companies, especially those in the automotive industry, are severely hampered by a lack of insight into supply chains, especially for basic components such as semiconductors.

Charles Lamanna, vice president of Microsoft said, the need for business honesty may not be as urgent as it is now. Everything is changing, and this is the current state of global business. Supply chains that are supposed to be "elastic" are not as flexible as they seem.

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