Microsoft releases digital transparency report

 In order to strengthen network security, Microsoft released the first digital transparency report related to Xbox.

Dave McCarthy, CVP of Microsoft's Xbox Player Service, said that this is a series of actions that the Microsoft Xbox team has taken in the past six months to foster a safe, positive, inclusive, and engaging space for all players.

In this transparency report, the Xbox team lays out their vision for the Xbox community, which includes a detailed description of community standards such as shared values, behaviors, content, attitudes, cross-platform play, spam, Legality, fraud, and some other harmful behavior.

The most notable statistic is that the Xbox team took as many as 4.78 million actions against accounts that violated Community Guidelines during the half-year period (which includes January 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022), with a large percentage of users Temporarily banned/frozen.

The length of the freezing time mainly depends on the violation content and the number of violations. Repeated violations of community policies will result in a longer ban, and eventually, the account may be permanently banned or the device may be banned.

The Xbox team has become more aggressive in their active enforcement a nine-fold increase over previous reports, due to the high number of "inauthentic accounts" and "cheat accounts."

Of the 33.07 million player-reported files this year, the majority were in-game behaviors flagged as related to cheating, raid kills, and/or purposeful raid sabotage.

The final results show that the number of times players on the Xbox platform report each other has declined, which may be seen as more players now know more about the rules of the platform than in previous years, and care about their accounts more.

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