Microsoft Surface Duo 2 has now achieved initial support for Windows 11

Developer Gustave Monce released the initial Windows 11 software package for Surface Duo 2, and Monce has previously launched tools to install Windows 11 on the original Surface Duo, and most of them can now be used normally. 

Gustave Monce has released version 2211.16 of his Surface Duo 2 driver on GitHub. This version is still in the early stage of development, and there are still some problems with the new system. For example, the SoC has only one core work, and the dual-screen has not yet achieved touch support.

This project is one of several that Monce has collaborated on with the Surface Duo line. Since both devices are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, running Windows 11 on an ARM is possible, but all other hardware and software such as sensors, cameras, touchscreens, cellular, GPS, etc. will be more or less problematic. This hardware also requires drivers and extensive testing.

Monce noted that this is only the first version of the project, and while it's still very early, there's some cool stuff at work as well.

On the project's GitHub page, you can see that the left display, thermal sensor, hall sensor, Modern Standby, USB C, buttons, and charger all work fine, but while the processor works fine, the Snapdragon Dragon 888 has only one core to run.

Such as cell phone functions (phone, data, SMS, LTE), GPS, touch, pen digitizer, Wi-Fi, motor, Bluetooth, camera, NFC, etc. are all on the "not available" list. Therefore, Windows 11 on Surface Duo 2 can only be said to be a toy for early adopters, and it cannot be used as the main machine for the time being.

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