Microsoft Xbox Series X Overseas Black Friday Price Reduction Promotion

During this year’s Black Friday, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is reducing prices at many overseas dealers. In the UK, Very is currently selling the console for £429.99, which is £20 cheaper than the usual price of £449.99. In addition, the two-handle set is priced at £464.98, saving a total of £40.

Plus, save £10 on the Xbox Series X at £439 on the BT Store. In the US, the Xbox Series X is on sale at the Verizon store, and Verizon is offering an 18% discount on Xbox All Access subscriptions.

Microsoft’s National Bank Xbox Series X is still out of stock. Not long ago, the official mall once again opened the Xbox Series X National Bank lottery purchase event, limited to 110 units.

Microsoft Xbox Series X was officially launched overseas on November 10, 2020. Two years later, the Xbox Series X National Bank is still out of stock.

Parameters: Microsoft Xbox Series X is equipped with AMD's custom APU, Zen2 CPU + RDNA2 GPU, and the graphics card is 52 sets of CU, that is, 3328 stream processors. The memory/video storage capacity is 16GB GDDR6, equipped with 1TB custom NVME SSD, expandable storage with 1 TB expansion card, and the performance target is 4K @ 60 frames per second, up to 120 frames per second.

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