Microsoft's official Windows 2022 ugly sweater is released

For the fifth consecutive year, Microsoft has launched Windows 2022 Ugly Sweater, this year's theme is the Office classic assistant "big eye clip" Clippy.

"Big Eye Clip" is the default image of Office Assistant. In 1997, the "Paperclip" assistant was released with Office 97, bringing help tips to users in the lower right corner of the desktop. Later, Microsoft turned off this feature by default in the Office 2003 version, and users had to manually select it in the installation options to enable it; until Office 2007, Microsoft finally cut off this little assistant. However, in the past two years, Microsoft has allowed this image to appear in other applications, which can be regarded as a kind of rebirth.

Microsoft’s official Windows 2022 ugly sweater will be sold in the company’s Xbox Gear Shop starting today, priced at $74.99. All sales proceeds will be donated to the College Success Foundation, a nonprofit that helps low-income students, and Microsoft said it will donate $100,000.

Microsoft's Windows ugly sweater first launched in 2018 with a design inspired by Windows 95, followed by a Windows XP version the following year. Both sweaters were produced in limited quantities and were not sold publicly at the time.

In 2020, Microsoft launched an ugly sweater with a drawing theme and sold it publicly for the first time. Last year's ugly sweater was minesweeper themed.

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