Midea's U-shaped window air conditioner has obtained the first batch of Matter certification

Midea's U-shaped window air conditioner recently obtained the world's first Matter certification at the Matter 1.0 global conference held by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Midea Group is a member of the Council of the CSA Alliance and one of the contributors and participants of the Matter protocol standard. Together with ecological partners such as Amazon, Google, and Apple, Midea Group is committed to promoting the specification and wide application of the Matter protocol and creating an open global intelligent ecosystem.

Matter is a unified connection standard for the global smart home industry, aiming to change the future of connectivity, break down cross-brand and cross-ecological connection barriers, provide users with greater flexibility in the collaborative operation of smart home devices, and provide more Reliable and secure seamless fast connection.

Midea's innovative U-shaped window air conditioner was previously sold in North America. As the first batch of products certified by Matter, Matter will be implemented and integrated into the MSmartHome app, and the updated version will be available to consumers in 2023.

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