Mingjiang Optical releases 28/21mm optical viewfinder

Mingjiang Optical has released a 28/21mm optical viewfinder with a cold shoe interface, suitable for some cameras without an optical viewfinder, and the price is 259 yuan.

According to the official statement, the TTArtisan 28/21mm viewfinder, with exquisite workmanship, and small size, is just right for retro and modern models.

TTArtisan 28/21mm viewfinder is an accessory that imitates the angle of view and focal length of a lens, and provides 28mm/ 21mm options; the base of the cold shoe interface can be used with cameras without a viewfinder, such as Ricoh GR, Leica rangefinder cameras, old-fashioned film cameras, etc.; for A camera with a built-in viewfinder that can be used as an ornament. The TTArtisan 28/21mm viewfinder is made of high-transmittance optical glass, without the photoelectric conversion process, what you see is a realistic scene, and it also uses multi-layer high-quality coatings.

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