Minisforum UM690 mini host pre-sale

The Minisforum UM690 mini-host started pre-sale tonight, and the R9 6900HX barebones system will be priced at 3,049 yuan and will be released on November 24th. The length and width of the Minisforum UM690 are about 128mm, and the thickness is about 48.2mm

The R9 6900HX on the Minisforum UM690 is 8 cores and 16 threads, equipped with a Radeon 680M core display, and the GPU frequency can reach 2400MHz. 

Heat dissipation: This mini host uses 2 heat pipes for heat conduction + liquid gold heat dissipation.

Other configurations: This mini host supports the installation of two notebook DDR5-4800 memories, and supports the installation of an M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD and a 2.5-inch hard drive in terms of storage. The interfaces include HDMI, USB4, and 2.5G network ports.

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