Most Expensive Mac: Jony Ive's red Mac Pro sells for $977,000

Designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson, the former chief industrial designers of Apple, the red Mac Pro limited to 1 unit in the world has recently been sold at Sotheby’s It was successfully sold at a charity auction, and the final auction price was US$977,000.

Sotheby's Charity Auction's evaluation of this Mac Pro is:

The Mac Pro is the most powerful and radical Mac Apple has ever designed. This Mac Pro features an innovative architecture, a unified cooling core, dual workstation graphics, the latest Xeon processors, ultra-fast flash storage, and incredible high-performance I/O.

Apple's precise craftsmanship integrates these advanced technologies into a remarkable "trash can" shape, which is only 9.9 inches high and 6.6 inches in diameter. This one-of-a-kind model, in red anodized aluminum, was made exclusively for the (RED) auction.

Although Sotheby's auction house clearly stated that this Mac Pro uses Intel Xeon processors, it did not announce clear specification information.

The 2013 Mac Pro is available in 4-core and 12-core configurations, so overall performance will vary. Given that this red Mac Pro sold for $1 million, it should be the most valuable piece of computer hardware in the last 10 years.

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