Motorola 125W gallium nitride charger is on the shelves

The Type-C interface 125W gallium nitride GaN flash charging head that comes with the Motorola moto X30 Pro was launched on the e-commerce platform today, and it was sold separately for 249 yuan. The charging head supports moto exclusive protocol 125W peak output, also supports QC 3.0 and PD 3.0 and other protocols, compatible with QC 5.0 protocol, the public protocol can reach 20V / 3A 60W output, using ON Semiconductor control IC.

However, according to media tests, the charger can charge the YOGA Pro 14s 2022 with a power of 96W, so the public protocol charging may be higher than the nominal.

Motorola's 125W GaN charger uses a flame-retardant PC shell, with a size of 56*55*29mm, a Type-C interface, and a 1-meter data cable. The data cable is made of double-sided conductive aluminum foil and TPE flame retardant material, equipped with stainless steel interface, sandblasted nickel plating process, compression, and corrosion resistance, and supports 6A high current.

Motorola's 125W gallium nitride charger is now officially on sale at a price of 249 yuan.

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