MSI launched the mortar series of water-cooled radiators

According to MSI official news, the new MAG CORELIQUID M mortar series water-cooled radiators will be launched soon, with two specifications of 240 and 360 available.

The heat-absorbing base of the mortar water-cooling is made of copper material, which has a good heat-absorbing and heat-conducting effect. The bottom has a micro-protrusion design, which has a better fit with the surface of the CPU. In exchange for a larger heat exchange area of ​​the cold row, it can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance. The water pump itself uses a high-durability three-phase shock-absorbing motor, which has the characteristics of long life and good reliability.

Other aspects: The ARGB fans of this series of water-cooled radiators adopt 12025 specifications, the maximum speed can reach 2000+, and the maximum air volume can reach 3.68mmH2O. The fans use FDB dynamic hydraulic bearings and have a working life of 50,000 hours. The water-cooling pipe part follows the design of the anti-evaporation water pipe, and the outer layer is wrapped with a braided mesh.

MSI MAG CORELIQUID M360 water cooling will be launched in the near future, with an initial pre-sale price of 569 yuan, supporting liquid leakage compensation and personal insurance services.

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