Nanjing 5G full coverage networks in urban areas will be in 2025

According to Nanjing, the urban area will achieve full coverage of 5G networks in 2025. According to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Resources, the Nanjing Information and Communication Infrastructure Layout Plan have been compiled. The Planning mentioned that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the city will plan to build 4,188 5G macro base stations to achieve full coverage of 5G networks in urban areas and key areas.

According to the Nanjing Radio and Television Financial Media News Center, statistics, there were 17,381 4G and 5G outdoor macro base stations in Nanjing, of which 9,599 were 5G macro base stations, mainly concentrated in the new main city of Jiangbei, the main city of Jiangnan and three sub-cities.

From the perspective of users, as of the end of May this year, Nanjing had 13.28 million mobile phone users, of which 3.89 million were 5G users, accounting for 29%. It is predicted that by 2025, the number of mobile phone users will increase to 14,801,900, and by 2035, it will reach 19,238,700.

To this end, the Planning proposes to coordinate the layout and construction of communication infrastructure and combine the timing of urban construction to make up for the gaps in service facilities in key areas such as Jiangbei New District, Qiaolin, and Longpao in the near future. According to the communication service business forecast and network development needs in 2035, combined with the Nanjing City Land and Space Overall Plan (2021-2035), it is planned to set up 29,670 base stations, 12,289 new ones, and 17,381 existing ones.

Nanjing will speed up the in-depth coverage of 5G networks in rural areas to meet the needs of 5G networks for applications in agriculture-related industries. The Planning proposes a focus on supporting the construction of information and communication infrastructure in rural areas, comprehensively carrying out broadband network construction and speed-up projects, increasing the construction of new-generation mobile communication infrastructure in rural areas, and achieving full wireless network coverage. Urban and rural development go hand in hand to build Nanjing into an important information and communication hub central city in the country.

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