National Technology launched a new IoT security chip N32S003

Recently, National Technology released a new generation of IoT security chip N32S003, which said that the chip has the characteristics of high security, small size, high integration, and easy development, and is a cost-effective Internet of Things. 

National Technology's new generation N32S003 IoT security chip adopts a 32-bit core, the highest operating frequency is 48MHz, the maximum embedded 64KB Flash and 6KB SRAM, integrated UART, I2C, SCD communication interface, built-in mainstream cryptographic algorithm hardware security acceleration engine, the product has high Safety, small size, high integration, easy development, and other advantages. This product is suitable for AIoT application scenarios such as wireless security certification, power security certification, payment security certification, consumable accessories certification, smart meter security, smart home, smart transportation/Internet of Vehicles, and smart wearable security certification.

Official introduction of N32S003 product features

  • High security:- The product has passed EAL4 + and the national secret two-level high-security level qualification certification, with multiple security protection mechanisms such as storage encryption, partition protection, voltage abnormality detection, temperature abnormality detection, etc., supports SM2, RSA, ECC, SM4, DES / 3DES, AES, SM3 / HASH and other national and international cryptographic algorithms, integrated TRNG true random number generator, can adapt to the security encryption and authentication requirements in different application scenarios.
  • Small size:- The chip adopts DFN6 (2mm*2mm), DFN8 (2mm*3mm), SOP8 (4.9mm*3.9mm), and other small packages to meet the demanding requirements of small and micro IoT devices in physical space.
  • High reliability:- The chip has a wide operating voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V, anti-static ESD: ±6KV (HBM model), and can adapt to various harsh working environments.
  • Low power consumption:- It supports a variety of low-power management modes. The power consumption of the chip in PD mode is less than 0.5uA (typical value), and it supports the ultra-long standby of IoT devices.
  • Easy to develop:- The peripheral interface is flexibly configured, and the IO pins support a full mapping function, which is convenient for customer development and design; customized firmware support can be provided according to customer needs to assist customers in completing rapid development and replacement, greatly reducing the development cycle.
  • National Technology said that the N32S003 security chip has been mass-produced and supplied stably, and the product has convenient and complete development ecological support:
  • Provide samples of various package configurations, development evaluation boards, and development and production tools.
  • Provide a complete firmware SDK and standardized certified firmware, and can provide customized firmware support.
  • Complete supporting materials for the chip, including product introduction, datasheet, user manual, hardware evaluation board, reference design, usage guide, etc.
  • Full documentation is available.

National Technology is a general-purpose MCU, security chip enterprise, and a national high-tech enterprise, with a post-doctoral research station. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, Japan, and other places. The main products include: general MCU, security chips, trusted computing chips, smart card chips, contactless reading, and writing chips, Bluetooth chips, RCC innovative products, etc., which are widely used in network security certification, electronic banking, electronic license, mobile payment, and mobile Security, Internet of Things, Industrial Networking and Industrial Control, Smart Home Appliances and Smart Home IoT Terminals, Consumer Electronics, Motor Drives, Battery and Energy Management, Smart Meters, Medical Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Security, Biometrics, Communications, Sensors, Machine automation, and other application directions.

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