Nikon launches MC-N10 remote control handle for Z-mount system

With the new Nikkor Z 600mm f / 4 TC VR S lens, Nikon today announced the launch of the MC-N10 remote control handle for Nikon Z-mount mirrorless digital cameras. The MC-N10 is a remote control handle that enables remote control of Nikon Z-mount mirrorless digital cameras through a wired connection. It is ARRI specification compatible with a wide range of accessories, allowing the MC-N10 to be connected to a variety of video recording accessories using an optional ARRI adapter.

The fixed angle of the installation can be flexibly adjusted, enabling users to shoot in a comfortable position and posture. If the MC-N10 is connected to the joystick or stabilizer of a tripod, users can use the camera without touching the camera when they want to move the camera to zoom, adjust settings such as exposure, and control autofocus, thus avoiding camera shake.

The shape of the MC-N10 handle and the configuration of the buttons are based on Nikon Z-series cameras, making it compact and lightweight without compromising the camera's flexibility. In addition, it adopts a dial without clicking sound, which supports smooth operation and reduces the occurrence of the sound of the dial turning operation being recorded during recording. Since the MC-N10 is connected to the camera via a USB cable (Type C connector), there are no problems with radio wave interference and crosstalk. The MC-N10 supports long recordings of up to 12 hours when powered by AA batteries.

On November 1st, Nikon also released a firmware update version 1.50 for its full-frame/FX format mirrorless digital cameras, Nikon Z 6 II and Nikon Z 7 II. The updated content is as follows:

  • As of Nikon Movies 1.0.4, support for Nikon Movies for iOS has been added.
  • Improved focus ring response when [MF] is selected for [Focus Mode].
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to end power after 15 hours of continuous use when the camera was powered via USB.

As of November 2, 2022, the MC-N10 is compatible with Nikon Z 9, Z 7 II, and Z 6 II, and the camera firmware needs to be updated to the latest version 1.50, and the handle will be released next month.

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