Ningde era responded to whether Kirin batteries are planned to be supplied to Tesla

In response to the question of whether Kirin batteries are planned to be supplied to Tesla, Ningde Times stated on the investor interaction platform today that the company's supply chain cooperation information belongs to the category of commercial confidentiality.

Ningde era Kirin battery was released in June this year, using the third generation CTP technology of the Ningde era, the volume utilization rate can reach up to 72%, the energy density can reach up to 255Wh/kg, and the whole vehicle can exceed 1000 kilometers Battery life. Ningde Times said that under the same chemical system and the same battery pack size, the power of the Kirin battery pack is 13% higher than that of the 4680 system.

Ningde Times also stated today that the company has formed a product series including high-energy-density ternary high-nickel batteries and cost-effective lithium iron phosphate batteries, etc., and is currently fully promoting the development of sodium ions, M3P, condensed matter, and cobalt-free batteries. Battery technology layouts such as batteries, all-solid-state batteries, and rare metal-free batteries.

Talking about "major car companies have begun to invest in the establishment of their own battery research and development bases", Ningde Times pointed out that car companies and battery factories have different professional divisions of labor. Car factories are good at machinery and electronics. Batteries involve electrochemical systems. The depth of understanding is often not as good as that of professional battery companies. The company has a deep accumulation in the field of power batteries and has a deep understanding of batteries. 

There is a lot of room for improvement in battery technology in the future. Material innovations include high-nickel, high-silicon, M3P, sodium batteries, metal-free batteries, solid-state batteries, and other new technologies; structure Innovation also includes new technologies such as CTP, AB batteries, and CTC; in terms of manufacturing, it is necessary to pursue extreme manufacturing and meet the high standard requirements of battery lighthouse factories; in terms of safety and reliability, the technical division of power batteries and energy storage battery products is very important. The product failure rate is one in a billion.

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