Nintendo says the Switch won't raise prices for now

Japanese video game maker Nintendo released its latest financial report. The Switch game console shipped 3.22 million units in the second fiscal quarter ending in September, with cumulative sales exceeding 114.33 million units. However, Nintendo lowered its forecast for Switch console sales in fiscal 2022 to 19 million from 21 million.

Bloomberg Takashi Mochizuki revealed that Nintendo said on the financial conference call that it will not increase the price of the Switch at this time, but will continue to observe the market form and carefully consider whether it needs to increase the price.

Sony announced the price adjustment of the PS5 console as early as September. The PS5 digital version / CD-ROM version of the National Bank has been increased by 400 yuan to 3499 yuan / 4299 yuan.

Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer said last month that both XSX|S and XGP will likely increase prices, and they will have to raise prices.

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