Nokia successfully completed the C+L-band WDM live network test

Recently, Nokia and Philippine mobile operator Globe Telecom successfully completed the field test of the C+L band WDM optical line system. Nokia PSE-Vs processing chips have demonstrated strong capabilities in testing, enabling Globe Telecom to achieve transmission rates of 600Gb/s in the C-band and 400Gb/s in the L-band in optical network links. The test shows that it can meet the low-latency and large-capacity transmission requirements of 100G and 400G services.

Based on the 1830 PSS photonic service switching platform, Nokia C+L band solution will double Globe Telecom's existing national backbone network capacity. By achieving a transmission rate of 600Gb/s in the C-band 100GHz channel width and 400Gb/s in the L-band 75GHz channel width, Globe Telecom's total network capacity in the C+L-band will be expanded to 54.4T. The test results further prove that the existing C-band system in Globe Telecom's network can be seamlessly upgraded to C+L-band by adding L-band components.

The test was conducted on the Globe Telecom backbone between Tarlac and Cabanatuan in northern Luzon, Philippines. The network connects major cities and large data centers within the Philippines, as well as the convergence point of global networks. The multi-terabit capacity can provide strong support for the evolution of 5G mobile communications, meet the growing demand for online video and Internet applications, facilitate cloud application deployment through modern networks on the market, and achieve a connection rate of up to 400Gbit/s for customers.

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