Nvidia and brand manufacturers will stop supplying some GPU models

Bo Bantang supply chain sources broke the news that upstream sources said that Nvidia’s graphics cards for a certain series of GPU chips seem to be discontinued.

The supply of NVIDIA RTX 2060\2060 Super series GPU chips has been discontinued. Various graphics card brands currently have a limited supply, and they will no longer be produced after they are digested, and will no longer be available in the future. Other models will replace products at this price to compete.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 is a graphics card officially released at CES 2019. It uses the TU106-200 core and is priced at 2,899 yuan. Officials claim that its performance is 1.5~1.7 times that of GTX 1060; RTX 2060 Super is A 3199 yuan graphics card, released in July 2019. NVIDIA RTX 2060 Released: Battlefield 5 Light Chasing Beyond 60 FPS, $349

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