Nvidia fixes RTX 4090/4080 graphics card black screen problem at startup

According to Nvidia’s latest graphics card firmware update, some RTX 4090/4080 graphics cards may cause a black screen to be displayed during system startup, and updating to the latest firmware can be repaired.

Nvidia says that it may be necessary to update the Nvidia graphics card firmware to ensure compatibility with certain UEFI SBIOS. Without the update, graphics cards in some motherboards in UEFI mode may experience a black screen on boot until the operating system loads.

If you encounter this problem, you need to download the NVIDIA GPU UEFI Firmware Update Tool v1.2 tool. After downloading the tool, you can follow the instructions on the screen.

In the announcement, Nvidia only mentioned the two latest graphics cards affecting RTX 4090 and RTX 4080, and other products are not expected to be affected.

Download NVIDIA GPU UEFI Firmware Update Tool v1.2

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