NVIDIA SHIELD game console system update 9.1.1 released

Nvidia has launched a new software update for its Shield TV TV box/game console device, the latest version is Shield Experience 9.1, which brings a large number of new enhancements, such as new power control options, general Bug fixes...etc.

The NVIDIA SHIELD is an Android  TV-based digital media player capable of playing downloaded and streaming games from a compatible PC on a local network or through a GeForce Now subscription service. Like all other Android TV devices, the NVIDIA SHIELD can stream content from a variety of sources using apps, and it also supports 4K resolution video.

The update instructions for Shield Experience 9.1.1 are as follows:


  • Added power control option to wake SHIELD when TV input is changed to SHIELD
  • Added developer option to force Dolby Vision Low Latency (if available)
  • Resolve large SMB file transfer disconnects by disabling anonymous access for virus scanners
  • Added developer option to improve HDMI-CEC volume control for AVR / Soundbars
  • General cleanup and reorganization of developer options

SHIELD TV App bug fixes

  • Android only: Resolved an issue where the SHIELD TV app would not launch properly on some Samsung Galaxy phones


  • Fixed a bug where protected content could not be played when external storage was connected
  • Fixed a color accuracy bug when the "HD video defaults to Rec .709" developer option is enabled
  • Fixed enabling Automatic Game Mode on NVIDIA Games
  • SHIELD 2019: Fixed video crash when seeking in quick succession when Dolby audio processing is enabled


  • SHIELD 2019: Fixed an issue where audio does not exist after reboot after enabling Dolby audio processing
  • SHIELD 2019: Fixed an issue where audio would play faster when Dolby audio processing was enabled


  • Fixed a bug where files were not detected correctly on connected removable storage
  • Fixed a bug when mounting a NAS with an IP address using an account with a blank password


  • Resolved an issue where the Simplified wake button would not power on IR-controlled TVs
  • Resolved an issue where SHIELD would not respond to BT devices for up to 60 seconds after startup
  • SHIELD 2015/2017 model: Fixed MxMaster 3 BT mouse pairing issue
  • Resolved an issue where the TV remote could not control the SHIELD after 30 seconds of waking up the SHIELD
  • Resolved some issues with CEC volume controls not working properly on AV receivers or sound bars
  • Resolved an issue where Control4 systems would not wake SHIELD if the system was shut down while the screen saver was active
  • Resolved an issue where Control4 systems would not wake SHIELD if the system was shut down while the screen saver was active


  • Fixed an issue where the UI was displayed at low resolution for a split second
  • Fixed a bug where users had to select the Home app when setting up SHIELD after a factory reset or system upgrade
  • "Enable Dolby Vision" notification will be suppressed after closing
  • Fixed a bug where apps were not visible in specific areas after disabling
  • Fixed a bug where microphone notifications would appear on "Ok Google" hotword activation

This update was released for non-National Bank NVIDIA SHIELD devices . The National Bank NVIDIA SHIELD cooperated with iQiyi and no longer provides system upgrade services.

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