OnexPlayer sensor/fan driver will expand the list of supported devices

In the upcoming Linux 6.2 kernel development cycle, the new hardware driver will integrate the OneXPlayer sensor driver for hardware monitoring of x86_64 architecture game consoles. Although OneXPlayer handhelds use Windows by default, more and more players prefer Linux, especially SteamOS.

The main task of the OneXPlayer sensor/platform driver is to control the fan speed, which is managed by the device's embedded controller (EC).

The "exp-sensors" driver was previously limited to OneXPlayer handhelds with AMD processors, but during the Linux 6.2 development cycle, the driver supports reading and setting fan controls for the following gaming handhelds:

  • AOK ZOE A1
  • OneXPlayer AMD
  • OneXPlayer mini AMD
  • OneXPlayer mini AMD PRO

However, the driver still does not support Intel-based OneXPlayer devices at this stage. The AOK ZOE A1 is an OneXPlayer-like device with a Ryzen 7 6800U SoC, an 8-inch IPS screen, and runs Windows 11 by default.

The oxp-sensors driver supports these additional devices by adding different DMI strings. This patch will be integrated into the hwmon-next branch of the HWMON subsystem. This driver expanded the list of supported devices before being merged into Linux 6.2's Mianline.

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