OpenEuler-based Tongxin server operating system (Shenwei version) released

The openEuler Ecological Conference with the theme of "Euler Chasing Dreams, Leading the Future" was recently held in Binhu, Wuxi. At this conference, Tongxin Software released the openEuler-based Tongxin server operating system (Shenwei version), and the openEuler community version officially supports the SW-64 architecture.

In response to the CentOS shutdown, Tongxin Software not only provides customers with a high-performance, high-reliability, strong security, easy-to-maintain, and ecologically-rich Tongxin server operating system, but also creates system migration, server operation, and maintenance supervision, and high-availability cluster solutions, etc. A series of solutions to solve migration troubles for customers.

As a member unit of the Euler community, Tongxin Software closely cooperates to build the ecological base of the server operating system. Currently, Tongxin Software ranks among the top three in the Euler community, leading and participating in the work of ten SIG groups including Migration, Desktop, and DDE. Tongxin server operating system V20 continues to evolve based on openEuler, and the "Union Solution" has implemented dozens of benchmark commercial cases in industries such as government affairs, operators, finance, government, and energy.

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