openEuler's open-source operating system has a new market share of 22%

 Yesterday, Huawei Connect 2022 openEuler Technology Forum was held. Qiu Chengfeng, secretary general of the openEuler community, shared the latest development of openEuler.

According to the data, the openEuler community has more than 410 companies, and through industrial co-construction, the cumulative installed capacity is 2.45 million sets, and the market share has increased from 15% to 22% today. At the same time, more than 70 upstream open source communities natively support openEuler, and 3 upstream open source communities integrate openEuler CI.

Judging from the official poster, openEuler has more than 11,000 global developers and 750,000+ downloads worldwide.

The Euler-based operating system has been applied in the government, operators, finance, energy, and other industries on a large scale.

openEuler is an open-source operating system for digital infrastructure. According to the official information released by openEuler, openEuler 22.09 realizes the interconnection between Euler and Hongmeng.

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